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The holidays: the sweet stretch of time between November and January focused greatly on spending time with those you love. It’s a time many of us cherish with family, blood and handpicked. Old traditions blend with new, creating memories to last a lifetime. As a custom home builder in NWA, Cobblestone Homes delights in creating ideal homes for these traditions. Enjoy your home for the holidays.

With cozy entertaining areas, custom kitchens and extra, thoughtful design components, your custom home is ready for your guests and the memories you’re about to create. We wanted to share a few ideas to help create those memories during the holidays.

Favorite Scents to Set the Mood

To many of us, the gentle sound and light from the fire is a mesmerizing experience that drives home the feeling of comfort. Gathering around the fire while sharing stories, playing games or just relishing in the company of those you cherish becomes the background for many memories.

The fireplace becomes a centerpiece for the home, whether you adorn the mantle with stockings or use it to display favorite family photographs. During the holiday season, you may also use your fireplace to bring favorite scents into your home. Several artisans create naturally scented firestarters to help bring your favorite scent home. These range from wax-dipped pine cones to creatively designed packs of highly scented floral picks. Other crafters have natural items you can place in the fire to create different colored flames – something sure to delight the young and young-at-heart!

Sweet Treats: A DIY Switch

The kitchen is the heart of the home – a favorite gathering place for families and friends. We design kitchens with you in mind – large enough for entertaining and creating culinary masterpieces, cozy enough for warm conversation. For many, sweets are the epitome of holiday food – one word: COOKIES!

A tradition among many families is decorating the sweet treats together. A cookie decorating party is a fun way to reinvent that tradition – and it’s not just for kids. Set up a few different stations around the kitchen and let everyone design and decorate. Icing at one station – candies and sprinkles at others.

Is there a special tradition you and your family or friends have? How do you holiday? However you holiday, we wish you and your family a joyous holiday season in your custom-built home, and we hope you enjoy the details we’ve thoughtfully created for you.