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One of the most exciting aspects of moving into your new, custom-built home is decorating it. It’s a rush looking around your home; many people imagine what each room is going to look like before they’ve even moved in. The excitement of this process sometimes leads to a bit of anxiety and frustration, though, with all the choices you have at your fingertips for each room. It’s not even just thinking about furniture – smaller details such as window coverings, lamps, and decor all make their way into your plans for the perfect living space. We’ve gathered some tips for decorating your new home.

Ideal Furniture Placement

While all our NWA custom homes are built with you in mind with spacious – yet comfortable and cozy – living spaces, your furniture placement and accessories make the space yours. When it comes to your living furniture, configure them in a conversation setting: people on your couch should be able to easily converse with people on other furniture. Set your sofa and chairs up in a U-shape, or go for a  more direct setting of having seating directly across from each other with a coffee table in the center. Keep your furniture off the walls – Michelle Lynne for This Old House advises floating furniture away from the walls makes your room feel larger.

Accents Make the Space

While it’s easy to get carried away thinking about the larger pieces for your new home, don’t underestimate the power of accent pieces. We’ve all heard the phrase “it really ties the room together,” but what is “it”? Accents such as colorful throw pillows, interesting table lamps or expertly placed mirrors can change the entire feel of your space – whether it’s your living room, kitchen or bedroom. Mirrors on walls perpendicular to windows will help spread light around the room and create a brighter room that visually feels larger. Patterned throw pillows with complementary colors can add the right amount of color to your calm, neutral living area. 

Small Changes

Small changes may make all the difference. If you’re looking for something new but really love your current furniture, consider swapping out smaller features such as knobs. Knobs and pulls aren’t just for the kitchen: dressers, buffets and end tables often have drawers. A change of knobs – whether you opt for wood, metal, shaped or colorful – can change the entire look of your favorite piece.

While so many ideas are out there – look at all the ideas you may see on your favorite social media platform! – your home is yours and ultimately the decor should reflect what makes you joyful. How have you decorated your new home? Did you ultimately end up with something similar to what you envisioned before you moved in, or did your perfect decor stray far from your original plan?