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Deciding to build your dream, green-home means putting your stamp of approval on every part of your new house. Taking your home design from concept through execution becomes a matter of house construction by a skilled building company. As the house is being built, the attention is turned to the interior. What will you put in your new home? And more importantly, how will you keep it eco-friendly?

First, start with the paint

There has been a lot of concern about the paints used for home interiors. Modern paints are much safer and easier to use than the toxic, lead-based formulas used a generation ago. However, there are still safer alternatives when it comes to interior paint. Low VOC latex paints are easier on the environment and much safer than traditional paints. For those going for the ultimate in safe paint, consider milk paint. Originally used in the early days of America, milk paint is made from milk protein, with added botanical ingredients and natural pigments.

Go green for appliances

Eco appliances aren’t just a trend, they can save serious money as well. Smart thermostats, tank-less water heaters, and energy-sipping HVAC systems will practically pay for themselves. Energy efficient and eco-friendly appliances use less energy and leave less of a carbon footprint when used. Many of these appliances not only save money in use but come with attractive government-backed rebates.

Give it a new life

While you might want to get a brand-new, organic materials couch for your home, you can go green and recycle or upcycle by re-using other household furniture. A quick internet search will find you plenty of beautiful, gently used furniture up for grabs. Instead of buying new, give some used pieces a second life. Sites like eBay and Craigslist are perfect for finding perfectly good pieces of furniture for your new home. And if you’re feeling creative, you can repaint/upholster the furniture to really make it yours.

Deciding to make your dream home an eco-friendly oasis doesn’t have to be difficult. With a little creativity, your new home will have all the comforts with the added warmth of being an earth-friendly dwelling.

Let Cobblestone Homes help you create your environmentally friendly home.