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Even though September stays rather warm in our region, the air starts to change as autumn in NWA starts falling into place. Some people wait all year for autumn’s rich, colorful landscape that complements the cooler nights made for bonfires and warm cider. Honestly, we might be the “some people” we’re talking about! Something about fall is so different from the other seasons and we can’t put our finger on it, but we’re not complaining!

Fall Faves

If you ask someone what their favorite part about fall is, you’ll likely get a myriad of answers. Apple orchards, pumpkin patches, and bonfires will probably top the list, along with football, hoodie weather and football. Few will probably say “decorating.” When it comes down to it, though, decorating during the autumn is a beloved tradition for many people. It invokes memories from childhood – sitting around the table and carving a pumpkin, playing in piles of yellow and orange leaves, or just wrapping up in your favorite scarf on a mild day.

A drive through any of our Cobblestone Homes neighborhoods during this time of year yields festive décor ranging from traditional pumpkins to more extravagant displays (maybe even the spooktacular sort!). Subtle pops of fall color to extravagant displays of mixed items are sure to delight passersby and neighbors alike while allowing you to showcase a bit of your style and personality.

Carving Pumpkins – Or Was It Turnips?

Americans have been carving pumpkins for a couple of hundred years – since Irish immigrants brought their folklore over with them. The original Jack-of-the-lanterns were actually turnips due to the story of Stingy Jack, but immigrants found that the large yellow-orange fruits that grow in America are well-suited to carving, whether you want a traditional spooky face or something a bit more intricately designed.

Autumn Landscapes

Many of our residents enjoy the fall flowers – mums may top the list, but you’ll also see asters in shades of blue and purple adorning front porches and flower beds, along with late-summer-blooming landscape plants. One of the mums’ most endearing characteristics is the wide array of “autumn” colors they come in; reds, oranges, and yellows (and blended varieties) line the shopping center entrances, while the pinks, purples, whites, and greens also play parts in decorating retail areas and homes alike. The earthy tones of corn stalks and straw bales compliment the colors of such flowers, while small ears of colorful, festive flint corn tie even more of the season into the landscape.

Family and Friends

Autumn is a great time of the year to get the family, friends, and neighbors together to celebrate the last few weeks of summer. Plan a cookout or have a chili cook-off amongst your neighbors, battle it out with some fun yard games, then finish the night with a warm fire and conversation.
Whatever your favorite part about autumn is, whether it’s the festive décor, rooting for your favorite team or kicking back with your favorite people, Cobblestone Homes invites you to create new fall traditions and memories in your custom-built home.