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When considering buying a home, how many people look for a place that’s energy efficient? For instance; it’s nice to have double paned windows, but do most buyers know why they are important? For any current or future Fayetteville or Bentonville, home buyers an energy efficient home should be a requirement.

There are many energy efficient home designs out on the market and for the savvy home buyer the following are important components for an energy efficient home:

Start with the walls.

If a new home build is in the future, insist that the builder use high-quality insulation. A properly insulated house will save heating and cooling costs year-round. The better insulation may be more expensive, but homeowners will make up that money in savings during the year.

Double-paned windows are the way to go.

As mentioned earlier, double-paned windows are a must. Not only do they look attractive on any house, they are also great at maintaining interior temperature. Windows are a constant source of struggle; natural light is needed but they let in too much heat or cold. Double-paned windows use the extra layer of glass to lessen temperature fluctuation while letting in the sunshine.

Smart thermostats save money.

Another good energy efficient investment is the programmable or smart thermostat. With the programmable models, the owner sets the time and temperature which means the heater or AC isn’t working all day. A smart thermostat goes a step further. Linking to a smart device, a smart thermostat allows the user to control the temperature from anywhere. Coming home to a warm or cool house is only a few taps away through a cell phone app.

Energy efficient lighting and appliances.

Choosing those more expensive lightbulbs means less electricity used to light the house. Likewise, opting for Energy Star appliances means energy is used more efficiently with less cost to the owner. What’s even better? Most Energy Star appliances have a state and/or federal rebate which means more money in the bank at the end of the year.

There are many ways to make a home energy efficient. From alternative power sources to water heaters, for every part of the house, there is a way to save money and increase efficiency. Cobblestone Homes specializes in building energy efficient, smart homes from the ground up, here is an example of one of our energy efficient homes.