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The term going green or being energy efficient was once seen as a movement fueled by a hate of modern convenience. Talking about green lifestyles conjured up images of hippies living in tents and drinking from streams or collected rainwater. This wasn’t necessarily the lifestyle that most people wanted to embrace.

Thankfully, the terms green and efficient have shed their technology phobias and have embraced modern automation. Going green and being energy efficient isn’t simply easier now, it can save you some serious money; especially when it comes to your home. Some of the latest in efficient and green home trends are as follows:

Alternative energy.

As solar energy has evolved it has become easier to install, less of an eyesore with the ability to generate electricity even on the cloudiest of days. Geothermal heating and cooling may seem strange but using the earth to heat and cool your home isn’t just natural, it will save hundreds of dollars a year in energy costs.

Smart housing.

Having your lighting, home security and thermostat in the palm of your hand at a moment’s notice isn’t the stuff of science fiction anymore. Smart housing systems can control your home and be controlled by your smartphone to provide efficient energy usage.

Water usage.

Low flow toilets and water efficient showerheads and sinks are a must when building a new home. This will cut down on water usage and save a lot of money. Another green trend is recycled water. This means using grey water from the shower or sink as a watering source for non-edible plants. Using grey water means less water is wasted and your plants and grass will thrive.

Home design and materials.

Homes are being designed to be efficient and builders and designers are favoring renewable sources for materials. rooms are designed to maximize space and energy while renewable materials like bamboo have become a popular decorating choice.


The added perk to going green and seeking energy efficiency within your home can bring money from the government. Installing energy efficient appliances can bring handsome rebates and tax incentives. With all these benefits, it just makes sense to choose a green, efficient home.