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Paying for a thorough home inspection is an important part of being a homeowner. It is important because it can save you money in the long run. Whether you are an amateur or seasoned home buyer, an inspection will provide you with many benefits. Reportedly, 90% of inspectors find issues that would have otherwise been ignored. However, a quite small portion of homeowners decides to pay for inspections.  

An average viewing of a house lasts twenty minutes, and within this time span, there is no way to catch every detail or problem that can be obscured from your sight. Real estate agents, mortgage lenders, and building contractors know of the benefits home inspections lend, and endorse mandatory inspections when buying or renting a house. The state of Arkansas has a well-regulated, standard procedure to follow when having a professional inspect your home.

An inspector examines grounds, structure, exterior, walls, windows, roof, attic, basement, crawl space, kitchen, bathroom, electrical, plumbing, heating/cooling systems, insulation, and more. Approximate time for a 1300-1500 foot house is 2-2.5 hours. For a 2,000 square foot house, Fayetteville prices range from $250-$325. Home inspections can benefit a buyer financially. Paying hundreds upfront will work to save you thousands in the future and to avoid any bad surprises.

A home can look perfect at face value but may conceal problems that if you do not take proper measures, can go undetected. You never know what life is going to throw at you. So, a house inspection is worth it if you decide to purchase a new home. In order to prevent future expense, home building companies promote these essential measures. Purchase your next home with Cobblestone Homes and visit us for homes available in the North-West Arkansas area.