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Summer is almost here, and that means it’s time to really focus on making your lawn lush and beautiful. Just as important as a beautiful home is a well-kept lawn, and the team at Cobblestone Homes is here to help with all of your summer lawn treatment tips. If you haven’t started caring for your lawn, it’s time to get started! Here are our top tips for maintaining your lawn.

In our lawn care guide, we’ll cover some of the most important steps that you should be taking to maintain your lawn this summer. A beautiful lawn often means a beautiful home, and taking care of the outside of your home is just as important as taking care of the inside of your home. Here are our top tips for maintaining your lawn this summer.

Water Regularly

Your lawn requires a significant amount of water to remain healthy, and without regular rains, you’re going to need to water your lawn at least weekly. It’s better to do fewer sessions of deep watering over multiple sessions of light watering. Your entire lawn can require more than an inch of water every week during the hottest months of the year. Grab a few oscillating sprinklers and let them run to give your lawn a good soak.

It’s better to water your lawn in the early morning or late evening to avoid evaporation. If you see your lawn struggling on a particularly hot day, avoid watering until the temperature cools down later in the evening.

Mow at a Higher Grass Height

One of the biggest mistakes we see homeowners make when it comes to caring for their lawn is mowing the grass far too short. During the summer, you should mow your grass at a height of roughly four inches, and never mow more than one-third of the grass height off at one time.

Letting your grass grow taller throughout the summer promotes deeper, healthier roots. If you don’t keep your grass height at around four inches and you consistently cut it short, the roots may not be strong and you can end up tearing grass out of your lawn every time you mow. Keeping your lawn mower blades sharp will also prevent your mower from tearing your grass.

Fertilizer and Weed Control

Fertilize and tackle your weeds early in the season to prevent weeds from spreading throughout your lawn. The earlier you spray your lawn to prevent weeds, the easier it will be to maintain your beautiful lawn throughout the summer. When choosing a fertilizer and weed control, try to choose products that are as natural as possible. Overapplying products that are made with harsh chemicals can burn and ruin your grass.

Your Lawn and Your Home

As we’ve mentioned, a beautiful lawn is the sign of a beautiful home. At Cobblestone Homes, we don’t just stop at beautiful custom homes in the Fayetteville area. We believe in giving our clients the tools and tips they need to make their home truly stand out.

To find out more about our custom home options, get in touch with the team at Cobblestone Homes today.