3 Tips for Choosing the Right Contractor

Every home construction company will tell you that they are the best. They will try to sell you on how well they do things compared to the “other guy.” They will probably even pull out “happy customer” brag sheets to try and convince you that you should choose them....

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The Green House | the Eco-Friendly Home

The term going green or being energy efficient was once seen as a movement fueled by a hate of modern convenience. Talking about green lifestyles conjured up images of hippies living in tents and drinking from streams or collected rainwater. This wasn’t necessarily...

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Beware Flipped Homes | Flipped Home Problems

Everyone seems to be crazy about flipping homes. There are a whole group of shows about it and even design lines inspired by flipping homes. And what’s not to love? An ugly potentially dangerous old house is taken from the edge of total ruin, stripped down, cleaned,...

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What to Expect: New Home Building Process

You’ve found the perfect location and you’re working with a reputable home construction company. You’re excited about your new home and can’t wait for it to be built and move in. This isn’t just a starter house, this will be your dream house and you plan on growing...

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Your Energy Efficient Home

When considering buying a home, how many people look for a place that’s energy efficient? For instance; it’s nice to have double paned windows, but do most buyers know why they are important? For any current or future Fayetteville or Bentonville, home buyers an energy...

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The DIY Green Guy

On a Sebastian County road near Greenwood, on some of the prettiest land in Arkansas, stands a rock house built in 1949.

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